CYSL Soccer Players

Competitive Program

The Coronado FC program is heavily focused on developing technical and tactical skills necessary for success in competitive soccer. Coronado FC supports and promotes creativity, teamwork, discipline, and endurance, all of which are attributes that any successful athlete will need.

Players have access to top training on exceptional fields. Teams participate in quality tournaments not only for exposure, but to ensure players are challenged in a competitive environment that helps them reach new levels of play.

CYSL Soccer Players
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Our aim is to develop players and teams during the formative years so that these youth may compete at the next level as young adults.Players transitioning into the older age groups are challenged in a unique, competitive environment. The aim is to have players reach their greatest potential, in preparation for high school soccer, 4-year college, or professional play.

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CYSL Open Camps

All players (Ages 5-15) are welcome to join these fun and informative camps. Everyone is invited - you do not need to be an active CYSL player to participate.

CYSL Soccer Players
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Player skill development occurs in a disciplined and positive environment. In addition to soccer skills, we teach values such as teamwork, respect, leadership, and integrity. Each player is encouraged to achieve a high level of success, which is accomplished through training, team camps, games, and tournaments. Coronado FC provides a unique environment, with access to top training facilities and coaches.

We compete in the SoCal Soccer League, under the direction and programming established by US CLUB SOCCER:

The goal of the competitive program is to develop players and teams to their highest potential.

2024/25 SEASON

About Our Season

  • Upon selection to competitive team following tryouts, registration for the season will commence on December 15
  • Preseason training is April 8- May 23, 2024
  • Regular Season training begins in July following the 4th of July Holiday
  • Season games begin September 7, 2024 - November 17, 2024
  • All competitive training is held at the Coronado Cays fields. Team practices are grouped Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, with additional Goalie and Circuit training.
  • Age matrix: When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the play level. Also note that the format “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger.
2024 Age Matrix
CYSL Soccer Players
CYSL Soccer Players

required Training

All Coronado FC teams play regular season games in the Socal Soccer League. Schedules will be available by mid-August on the SoCal Soccer League website

Our regular season generally runs from late August or early September to mid-November.

Our Coaches

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CYSL Soccer Players

Goalkeeper Training

At Coronado FC we recognize the importance of goalkeeping and providing players the individualized training necessary to have success on the field.   Goalkeeper training, in addition to team practices, begins in July and ends in November.

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Thank You To Our Sponsors

Coronado Rotary
E Coronado


Formerly Nado Select


  • Abi Coronado – San Diego Pumitas (NPSL)
  • Jose Coronado – San Diego Pumitas (NPSL)
  • Arturo Valle – Jaguares U20
  • Hugo Vera – San Diego Pumitas (NPSL)
  • Alvaro Zendejas – San Diego Pumitas (NPSL)

2012 Commitments

  • Katie Centeno - Lehigh University
  • Cory DeMarco - University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • Ryan Keeney - Air Force Academy
  • Aaron Martinez - Barry University
  • Johnny Martinez - Sacramento State
  • Josh Warren - Cal State Monterey Bay


  • Mariah Stacy - Aurora University
  • Lauren Tobin - Mt Olive


  • Danielle Gillberg – Aurora University
  • Connor Marcone – Colorado State University


  • Allie Barbera – Cal State Northridge
  • Brianna Bazak – Cal State Monterey Bay
  • Andrea Davis – Cal State Monterey Bay
  • Lindsey Gatlan – Cal State Monterey Bay
  • Christian Herrarra – SDSU
  • Monica Meza – University of New England
  • Rachel Naranjo – Cal State Stanislaus
  • Natalia Sheets – Westmont College
  • Sandra Shepard – Amherst College
  • Taylor Waldon – Cal State Stanislaus


  • Leah Hatheway – Berry College


  • Ian Cook – Kenyon College
  • Nick Hamilton – Cal State Northridge