We are excited to announce that Simon Hayward has accepted the position of Director of Coaching for CYSL.  He comes to us from England with an abundance of soccer knowledge and a favoritism to tea versus coffee.  Below is his resume and below is his own introduction and vision:

"I'm delighted to be in Coronado and to have the opportunity to be the Director of Coaching for CYSL.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of sport to teach valuable life lessons and I want all the young boys and girls involved in CYSL to enjoy their experience, to develop into decent well rounded young adults, to maximise their potential on and off the soccer field (in my language that is a football pitch) and to go on to be valuable members of society who have a positive impact on their community and the wider world.

I believe that if we develop good people as a top priority we will then get better soccer players, but while focusing on character development first, I also want to reach for the skies when it comes to player development on the field. If players want to enjoy rec football, I want them to have the best rec programme possible. If players want to be involved in competitive soccer with the goal of earning a full scholarship at a top Division 1 College soccer programme, then I want to support that aspiration and help them to get there through Coronado FC. If players want to turn professional, I want to build a programme that supports that. Every top professional player is 'homegrown' somewhere. The winner of the Ballon d'Or and the Ballon d'Or Feminin have to be homegrown somewhere, so in 20 years time I'd love it if the best player in the world had started their journey in Coronado.

I look forward to building strong links between the club and the local community, to getting to know players and parents alike and to building the best soccer programme that we can.

Go Nado!"